Meet Your Maker

From the very start, we have committed ourselves to support the community of artists around us. All of our pieces have been hand made in our own studio since 1997. Today, Melissa Joy Manning pieces continue to be crafted by talented artists and metalsmiths in our New York and California workshops.   We are proud to introduce you to this part of our family, we're sure you'll love them as much as we do.


Experts in their craft, our senior jewelers create most of our limited edition and one of a kind pieces. Every piece they make is stamped with their personal maker's mark, so you can put a face to the person who crafted your jewelry.


California Studio

Hometown: Bay Area, California

Loves: Noodles

Clarence “Mango” Magno is an accidental jeweler raised in the Bay Area. During his summers off from achieving his BFA in Music at the Herb Alpert School of Music at the California Institute of the Arts, he found himself as an apprentice at the Melissa Joy Manning studio learning the jewelry trade. Mango quickly became a master jeweler by closely studying alongside the highly skilled and talented jewelers at MJM. He is best trained at flush setting diamonds and forging hoop earrings, but loves to construct heavier gauge men’s wedding bands. Mango believes a still mind and body will begin to deteriorate. Jewelry keeps his hand dexterous and nimble while studying and practicing music keeps his mind and body active. He also claims to be an excellent cook, but really just enjoys eating delicious noodles, and has way too much to say about fermented food. Outside of MJM, Mango likes exploring nature with people and taking psychedelic photos of them. Mango’s Maker’s Mark is a representation of his name and nickname; the letter C gestured into the outline of a mango.

Clarence's Maker's Mark


California Studio

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Inspired by: Ephemerality of nature

Elana Jovero is a jeweler, metalsmith, wood carver, and artist. From her fine line tattoos to sculptural jewelry, Elana grew up always making art and studying her surroundings. She graduated with a BFA in Crafts: Jewelry/Metalsmithing in 2012 from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After college, she worked with two wonderful jewelers until she landed her dream job at Melissa Joy Manning. Starting as a production jeweler, she would make hundreds of fine jewelry pieces a month, many being custom engagement rings and other limited edition pieces. In her three years since starting at MJM, she has risen to become a master jeweler and the Production Manager of the main Berkeley office. She believes that jewelry is a commemorative object of a person, moment, or feeling the wearer will hold onto forever. Giving these precious symbols and becoming a part of the vessel for these memories is a gratifying and humbling experience. Her signature, like her, is curvy, bold, and incredibly awesome, and is the main inspiration for her Maker’s Mark.

Elana's Maker's Mark


California Studio

Hometown: Nepal

Fun fact: He snowboards!

Diwash Shakya was born and raised in Nepal, and moved to the Bay Area in 2001. He graduated from CSUCB with a degree in finance, but formally trained at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. A fourth generation jeweler, Diwash was exposed to the jewelry industry from childhood, helping his father around his workshop; cleaning, rolling metal, melting gold, and making chain. Diwash joined the Melissa Joy Manning studio in March 2015 and quickly rose to be a master jeweler. He is best trained in bezel settings and appreciates the transformation from raw alloy to a final piece. Diwash owns the store, Lotus Within Gallery, in San Francisco, where they specialize in arts and antiques from Nepal. He hopes to one day to return to Nepal and bring the skills he learned at MJM to his father’s business. Diwash’s Maker’s Mark is a combination of his last name in the Nepali and English alphabets, as these two cultures are deeply important in creating the person he is today.

Diwash's Maker's Mark


New York Studio

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Enjoys: Live music

Blythe Miller was born in Long Island, New York, and attended SUNY New Paltz in the Hudson Valley where she received her BFA in Metal. In high school she was inspired to learn more about metalsmithing while learning the trade in a small jewelry shop close by. Blythe has been working for MJM for over four years, starting as an intern and growing to Production Coordinator of the NY office. Her favorite part about making jewelry is challenging herself with complicated construction. Soldering being one of her strongest skills, she is intrigued by the process of making jewelry, and how it’s almost like putting together intricate and delicate gold puzzles that end up creating something beautiful. She describes jewelry making as an “interpretive dance” with metal, where there are so many small factors, motions, and visuals that have to be controlled and brought together in just the right way to make things work. Blythe’s makers mark uses her initials in a minimalistic aesthetic, focusing on the clean curves that flow into distinct angles.

Blythe's Maker's Mark

Bench Jewelers

Our skilled bench jewelers work with precision to craft every piece of jewelry.


Hometown: Novato, California
What's in her bag at all times?: Googly eyes, for when the mood strikes


Hometown: Sacramento, California
Morning Routine: A cartwheel, to stretch her muscles


Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina
Fun Fact: Has lived in 16 towns in 7 States


Hometown: Aiea, Hawaii
Patronus: A Weasel